About Us

Proximal SoilSens is started by IIT Bombay students and professors in June 2017. SoilSens is providing state-of-the-art tools (sensors and IoT platforms) to farmers for better understanding their crops. We are indigenously developing sensors and systems for precision agriculture. SoilSens systems can help agriculture in generating the farm specific field and weather data required for optimum irrigation, optimum fertigation and disease prediction. SoilSens is working on the concept to develop lab-on-a-farm. Various parameters like primary nutrients, secondary nutrients, pH, EC (Electrical conductivity) and OC (Organic carbon) are the important parameters required by the farmers to get proper recommendation and amendment required for the field.

With vision given by Government of India for irrigation - “Per drop more crop” the company aims to develop advanced affordable technologies for agricultural community and making agriculture sustainable and profitable.

Our goals

Empowering farmers by bringing in SMART © (Sustainably Managing Agriculture in Remote Terrain) technologies to make agriculture profitable and sustainable
Driving Indian agriculture with affordable cloud based farming using real-time soil and weather data
Revolutionize farm management by introducing lab-on-a-farm platform