Providing partners with the most affordable, accurate sensor-based technologies for efficient irrigation, automation, and disease prediction.

Are you looking for affordable sensor and IoT technologies in Agriculture? If so, we would love to talk. We are looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with companies that have complementary technology who would like to build services around our solutions. We're also looking for FPOs, NGOs, and distributors who have connections within the agricultural industry and farmers. If that's you, please fill out this short form and a member of our team will contact you.

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For corporate farms:

Are you looking for a partner to provide you with quality soil and weather data using sensors at an affordable cost? Please contact the SoilSens partner team for more information.


Are you an FPO/FPC or NGO working with farmers? Are you looking for technologies for farmers to reduce their input costs and crop loss due to disease? Please talk to us.

For channel partners and distributors

Are you looking for efficient and affordable technologies in precision agriculture to add it to your solution offerings? We will be happy to partner with you. Please contact our team.