Solution for Farmers

Efficient Irrigation to improve yield and quality of the crop.

Over irrigation leaches nutrients from the soil, reduces yield, makes crop's prone to disease and increases the input cost to the farmer. We provide a sensor-based affordable solution for controlled irrigation using our SoilSens Station (large farm) and SoilSens Go (small farm). Irrigation can be automated (mobile-based motor controller) or can be manual. The solution can be used for flood irrigation, drip, and sprinklers.

SoilSens Station will be used by farmers who would like to get the irrigation alerts automatically on the phone and can control the motors/pumps with a click on phone.

SoilSens Go will be used by marginal farmers who can take the SoilSens Go to farm and measure the moisture by themselves and switch on the pumps when required.

Accurate weather and field data to manage farm activities

Farmers do not have access to accurate weather forecast and farm-specific field data which are very essential to manage Agri activities like sowing, irrigation, pesticide and fertigation management, harvesting etc. We provide these data accurately at an affordable price using SoilSens Weather System and SoilSens Station. We are working on models that will advise the farmers about early warning of disease and actions needed.

Instant soil health card based on SoilSens Lab-on-a-Farm

In the current scenario, the farmer has to send his soil sample to the lab to understand the health of the soil. This is time-consuming and expensive. We are developing SoilSens lab-on-a-farm equipment which will give instant results for macro and micronutrients at a very affordable cost.